Former Executive Director of Inn from the Cold, Tom Vegh, sat silent this morning at a meeting of York Regional Council as Mayor John Taylor called for $1M of emergency funding to avoid the homelessness organisation itself becoming homeless in 24 months time.  

Taylor told the Regional Council;

“Inn from the Cold Shelter in Newmarket is a little less than two years away from its lease being up which is already been extended once a little (and will) not be extended again… the Inn itself is on the verge of becoming homeless and it provides a critical service to the Region.”

Taylor said they were seeking to raise $2.5 million and a fund-raising committee has raised about $1.5 million to date. Extra funding would be coming from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation but a capital contribution of $1M from the Regional Council would make a huge difference.

In a long debate – with eight speakers – Vegh stayed silent when he could have been supporting Taylor and sharing insights about his work at the Inn from the Cold.

Aurora’s Mayor, Tom Mrakas, seconded Taylor’s motion. But at the end of the debate Mrakas told the meeting he thought it more appropriate for Vegh to be the seconder. This generous gesture was agreed nem con, without debate.

What is Tom Vegh for?

I was left wondering: What is Tom Vegh for?

He gets top marks for plastering the Town with his election signs. 

But why won’t he speak out in support of an organisation he used to lead? Did he ask Taylor if he could second the motion? Did Taylor ask him to? If not, why not? Is the relationship between the two too far gone?

Will Newmarket Today and the ERA ask Vegh to explain why he didn’t speak in the debate when he had every opportunity?

What is the real story behind this?

Is timid Tom Vegh just doing what he does best? 

Saying nothing of any consequence at York Regional Council but bragging on social media about what he gets done?

“Leadership you can count on”

What a joke.

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And how the story was covered in Newmarket Today

more to follow…