The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the devious Paul Calandra, has now tabled the Greenbelt Statute Law Amendment Act, 2023 which will return lands to the Greenbelt that were removed from it in December 2022.

We wait to see if the Government rushes the Bill through all its stages at breakneck speed (to get this major embarrassment put behind it asap) or if it goes into Committee for line by line scrutiny, prolonging the agony.

The NDP official opposition has asked for a debate on the Integrity Commissioner's recommendation to reprimand former Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister, Steve Clark.

Provincial Land and Development Facilitator

The Provincial Land and Development Facilitator – a Government appointee little known outside planning and development circles – had a key role in negotiating development agreements with Michael Rice and those like him who bought Greenbelt land in the protected countryside in the expectation it could, at some stage, be opened up for development.

What's happened to Paula Dill?

Paula Dill has been the Provincial Land and Development Facilitator for many years with her appointment being renewed periodically. But, curiously, her name does not appear in the current list of Ontario public appointments. (see below)

Ms Dill was interviewed by the Integrity Commissioner, David Wake, in connection with his inquiry into the former Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister, Steve Clark.

Development Agreements

Today I filed two Freedom of Information requests with the Municipal Affairs and Housing Ministry asking for sight of records relating to the mandate given to her by the now disgraced Steven Clark. The Integrity Commissioner tells us Paula Dill was asked:

“to facilitate discussions on the 15 sites in the Greenbelt that were removed or redesignated to achieve development agreements that would accommodate a shared vision for attaining the Government’s objectives in these sites.”

I have also asked for sight of all records relating to the agreement in principle and/or draft agreement between the Provincial Land and Development Facilitator and Michael Rice, owner of the Bathurst lands in King Township which were removed from the Greenbelt in December 2022. 

Deputation to King Council

Elsewhere… my deputation to King Council this evening was ruled out of order as the Township has no Open Forum for members of the public and what I wanted to talk about was outside the Council’s jurisdiction. The Township Clerk, Denny Timm, tells me:

“Council does not offer an open forum component during its meetings. Council’s procedural by-law precludes deputations on matters that are outside Council’s jurisdiction. Your request pertains to the Integrity Commissioner’s Report, the hospital site selection, and provincial decisions regarding the Greenbelt lands – matters that are outside of Council’s jurisdiction and within the jurisdiction of the Province. I am therefore unable to accommodate your request.” 

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