Five days ago Maddie Di Muccio told her twitter audience she liked tweets linking me to paedophilia.

And Di Muccio's tweets are still up there in cyberspace, available to a global audience.

I have therefore written today to the Leader of the PC Party of Ontario, Patrick Brown, and to the President of the Newmarket-Aurora PC Riding Association, Derek Murray, asking them to take whatever steps they consider appropriate to ensure that Di Muccio:

  1. deletes her Tweets liking those from the troll TruckMafk claiming I am a paedophile
  2. expresses regret to Patrick Brown and Derek Murray for her actions which promoted the belief that I am a paedophile and apologise in writing to me.

In the absence of any expression of regret or an apology, I have urged Mr Brown and Mr Murray to advise Di Muccio to take her concerns about my alleged paedophilia to the police together with the facts she is relying on to support such an assertion.

Di Muccio is currently seeking the nomination to become the Progressive Conservative candidate for Newmarket-Aurora in the Provincial election in 2018.

I shall post updates in due course.

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