Metrolinx will be giving a presentation to councillors on Monday (10 April) on the Regional Express Rail (RER) expansion programme and how it will impact on the Town. (See the Committee of the Whole agenda here.)  

There are two key projects in the pipeline: the Newmarket GO Rail Station Mobility Hub Study at the Tannery and the Concept Plan (right) for the proposed new GO Rail Station at Mulock Drive.

Metrolinx has commissioned consultants IBI to look at the

"potential for grade separation of the rail line at Davis Drive" .

The reports tells us there will be a preliminary evaluation to understand the feasibility of a grade separation which was not identified as a priority.

Oh dear! It doesn't sound terribly urgent to me but perhaps I'm just reading it the wrong way. (The grade separation study is being done at the request of the Town.)

Metrolinx Manager of RER Project Planning, Nadine Navarro, told me last month there will be public consultation in the Spring with the Study completed by the end of summer.

Is this remotely feasible if grade separation is to be part and parcel of the completed study?

Prepare to be told grade separation is something for later, not for now.

I suspect grade separation - inevitably involving huge sums of public money - is a can that will be kicked down the road for a good while to come.

The report tells us there will be a non statutory public Open House in early May.

Planning for the proposed Mulock GO Rail Station is still very much in its early stages.

I hope the Mayor has one or two penetrating questions to ask about these transformational projects if only to show he is listening and following things.

Metrolinx gave a presentation to members of York Regional Council last month which included two hot potato issues - level crossings and the new GO rail stations. Van Trappist, head down, was glued to his cell phone, contributing nothing to the debate.

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