Zoom is everywhere.

Yet only a few years ago a majority of members of York Regional Council actively resisted allowing the cameras into their meetings. They feared the cameras.

Markham’s Mayor, Frank Scarpitti, didn’t think he was pretty enough. He said he would have to remember to get his hair done before meetings.

Not that there is much left to comb.

In 2017 Scarpitti thought presentations by staff using slides and graphics could be streamed but then the plug would be pulled, leaving the screen blank. He insisted audio was

“more than adequate”

No close-ups

When York Regional Council finally bit the bullet and agreed to cameras in the Council Chamber he said he didn’t want close-ups.

"I don't think we should be zooming in."

He warned that visuals could be used for political purposes.

I thought about that remark last week when Scarpitti was the lone vote against investigating a possible tax on empty properties in York Region.

He is shown holding up his red NO voting card.

Years ago he warned his colleagues on York Regional Council that images could be used against them:

"The material can be manipulated for political purposes!"

Yup. He was right on that one.

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