Money for Nothing. Money for Something.

In 2018 when Tom Vegh first ran for York Regional Council representing Newmarket he took barrowloads of cash from developers to fund his campaign.

That was wrong. 

It is tainted money. And he shouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.

In October’s election Tom Vegh should leave the development industry and their enablers well alone.

But it got me wondering, how does it all work? Does Vegh approach individual developers asking for money? Does he plead poverty? Are there emails or letters? Or does the supplicant rely on word of mouth? Or do the developers take the initiative, approaching candidates who may be sympathetic to their interests? I genuinely don’t know how it all works. But Vegh does.

Yesterday, after filing my nomination papers with the Town, I emailed Tom Vegh:

Campaign contributions from persons known to be associated with the development industry

Good afternoon Tom

I hope you are well.

Earlier this afternoon I filed my nomination papers with the Town. I am running for Deputy Mayor/Regional Councillor.

I shall not be soliciting campaign donations from people known to be associated with the development industry nor from the planners and consultants who support them. Neither shall I accept campaign donations from these people even though the money comes from them as individuals and not from their corporations. As you know, corporate donations are now prohibited by law.

In 2018 you accepted campaign contributions from development industry people. But, this time round, I hope you will have second thoughts and join me in rejecting developer donations. 

It is clearly inappropriate for members of the Regional Council, whose bread and butter work involves planning policy, to place themselves under any obligation to those who could materially benefit from the decisions they take as elected members.

I look forward to hearing from you. I am copying this to the press.

Best wishes


I shall post his response as soon as I receive it.

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