"I am not corrupt."

"You know, $1,200 or whatever someone is giving me, I don't think that's nearly enough to influence anyone in any corrupt way."

Tom Vegh, 22 April 2019

The silence from Tom Vegh is deafening.

Over one month ago I asked him if he was taking money from people intimately connected with the development industry to fund his 2022 campaign.

Poisoned well

Is he returning to the the same poisoned well from which he drank so deeply in 2018?

Or is he going to reject money from development industry people?

And is he going to return any money from them which is unsolicited?

He says he refused to accept some money from some donors in 2018. He says he wasn't comfortable taking it. Will he tell us the reasons he rejected the cash?

Does he intend to go into overdraft to fund his 2022 campaign as he did in 2018?

Vegh can run but he can't hide

Vegh cannot avoid answering these questions. The press and media and the voters will not allow him to sail through this election campaign, unwilling to comment, saying nothing.

Once Vegh tells us how he is funding his 2022 campaign we can move on to debate the big, substantive issues facing the Town and the Region.

But, until he comes clean, I am sitting on his shoulder.

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