Newmarket Today is asking all candidates if they will accept campaign donations from developers

The paper deserves a round of applause for asking a simple, straightforward question which candidates cannot dodge. Even slippery Tom Vegh.

The on-line newspaper circulated its questionnaire to candidates yesterday. The paper says:

"Your response will be posted in Newmarket Today's election section when it is received - there is no deadline, we will continue to post the profiles until election day on Oct. 24."

Getting Regional Councillor Tom Vegh to admit that he takes money from developers is like pulling teeth.

It is a long drawn out process.

Tom may find it painful initially but it is better to get it over and done with, sooner rather than later. If he hesitates it's just prolonging the agony.

He can apologise for what happened in 2018.

Tom can say it was a mistake and he won't do it again. He won't take tainted money this time.

This will put the story to bed and we can start talking about the big issues facing the Town and York Region.

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