This morning I learn that accountant Talib Ansari wants to be Mayor of Newmarket. 

Mystery man to Mayor of Newmarket

I’ve never heard of him but maybe that’s because we move in different circles.

To become a candidate for Mayor 25 people must have endorsed him so I am intrigued to find out more.

He has appeared – at least to me – from absolutely nowhere.

The Town’s website (at 10am) gives no qualifying address. But I'm sure this will be posted in due course. 

Mr Ansari is a partner in Trivana Tax and Accounting Services which is based either in Newmarket or East Gwillimbury - depending on which source you rely on.

I’ve left messages for him to call me back today so we can talk about his program and what he wants to do for the Town in the next four years. 

This guy has a profile that boasts of towering achievements. So why does this mover-and-shaker want to be our Mayor?

His LinkedIn profile tells me:

"Talib Ansari is a highly accomplished, pro-active, customer focussed and results-driven professional with over 18 years of experience in investment finance, accounting and technology with top-notch pensions funds, IT company and real estate firms in the US and Canada. He has consistently demonstrated strategic/tactical leadership, relationship building/management, and innovative problem solving skills across cross-functional/matrix organisations." 


"He effectively leverages his distinct combination of business & technology to successfully deliver/manage mission-critical, time-sensitive & highly complex financial and hi-tech projects/solutions that include business intelligence, database management, systems implementation, risk management, compliance and internal control."


"Talib Ansari earned his MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurial Finance from Wilfred Laurier University in Ontario, Canada, to solidify his business acumen, and BBA in Investment Finance from City University of New York, New York, USA, to strengthen his capital market comprehension. He is a Chartered Professional Accountant & Certified General Accountant of Ontario. In his spare time he enjoys photography and loves playing the guitar."

I want to meet him face to face and find out where he is coming from.

I hope I've tracked down the right Talib Ansari. If not, I am in big trouble.

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Update at 11.55am: Talib Ansari tells me he has never been involved in politics before. This is his first outing. He says he has worked for the best companies, knows about real estate and is a qualified accountant. He tells me he wants to take Newmarket "to the next level". He lives in Copper Hills.