This morning (29 March 2019) the Newmarket Downtown Development Committee will consider an application from developer Bob Forrest for improvement grants for his derelict properties on Main Street which have been left empty for years.

The Town promised grants of up to $100,000 if Forrest kept to his side of the bargain.

Fat chance.

On 4 May 2018, Forrest’s wife, Colleen, promised we would have sight of the New Development Concept in the “near future” and we are still waiting.

Clearly, the Forrests take us all for fools. 

Bob Forrest’s brass neck is in a league of its own.

The report tells us Forrest’s application is being made

“in accordance with Section 31 of the Minutes of Settlement negotiated for these properties… Note the funding is outside the scope of the annual budget of the NDDC.”

In these circumstances not a single cent of public money should be paid over.

The ball is in Forrest’s court and he should immediately make available the New Development Concept that we were promised almost a year ago.

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