Will Christine Elliott, Minister of Health and Long-term Care, find time to read a well argued critique of Bill 108 (More Homes More Choice Act) from senior Newmarket Council staff which is on the Council's agenda tonight? (Scroll to agenda page 316)

Elliott says she "champions" the new Act and claims it will make housing more affordable for the people of Newmarket-Aurora. 

The report says 

Bill 108 contains limited evidence that its central objectives, making it easier to bring housing to market and accelerating local planning decision, will be achieved.” 

A copy of the report is being sent to Elliott for her “consideration”.

The Town wants the Province to “engage in significant and meaningful consultation with municipalities prior to the development of the regulations" which will be made under the new Act. 

If this happens it will be a first.

The Town should formally request a meeting with the Minister now that Queen’s Park is shuttered until after the Federal Election in the Fall and she has time to “re-connect” with her riding.

The report says the consultation on the Bill was short with

key pieces of information missing which will come through Regulations at a later date. The full impact of these changes cannot be fully understood without the information provided in Regulations.”

With the amazing FordFest BBQ and celebrations behind her what better time than now to sit down with the Town and talk about what should be in those much anticipated Regulations?

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