It was quite a shock to discover that our Mayor, John Taylor, was being tested for coronavirus and is now at home in self isolation. 

He tells Newmarket Today:

“I have been experiencing shortness of breath, nausea and fatigue. As a result, Public Health decided, based on our interview, that I should be tested for COVID-19. I was referred to Southlake Regional Health Centre to be tested. Southlake Regional Health Centre asked me to wait in my car until a negative pressure room was available. After waiting approximately one hour, I was taken directly to that room where I waited for another hour or so. I was tested and sent home. I am currently in self-isolation as directed by Public Health and am awaiting results.”

We hope he recovers completely - and soon. The captain is needed back on the bridge.

The fact that the Mayor had to wait at Southlake for two hours before being tested surprises me. But I guess Southlake, just ike the rest of us, is getting up to speed on this new contagion in our midst.

Our local MPP - and Minister of Health –  Christine Elliott tells us yesterday in her latest newsletter (click link below) that the Government is establishing dedicated assessment centres and that our nearest one for Newmarket-Aurora is Mackenzie Health. 

I see it is not open yet but we are told it will be up and running on Monday evening.

Personally, I feel we are all in safe hands.

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From the Toronto Star: Are we testing enough for COVID19?

Update on 16 March 2020: Taylor gets the all clear.