On Thursday (12 August) Metrolinx confirmed it plans to extend the all-day two-way 15-minute GO train service north from Aurora to Bradford.  

This is - or should be - big news.

Aurora had previously been the northern cut-off point for the 15-minute service.

Metrolinx says

"the change is possible thanks to further study and optimization of service plans."

The details are still hazy. There is no precise timetable and the question of who pays for the necessary grade separations in Newmarket and at Green Lane is still up-in-the-air, a matter for negotiation. 

A 15 minute service to Bradford is impossible without very expensive grade separations at Mulock Drive and Davis Drive here in Newmarket. 

The engineering and construction work at Davis Drive is likely to be particularly challenging.

The announcement from Metrolinx comes almost 11 months after East Gwillimbury Council called on the agency to accelerate plans to bring the 15-minute service north to the GO Rail Station at Green Lane.

More to follow.

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The graphic below shows the new GO Rail Stations at Innisfil and Mulock